Roblox Camps

Exclusive Coding Camp

Introduction to
ROBLOX Development

Video Game Palooza, Game On esports Center & Create & Play Camps have teamed up to provide the most valuable and exclusive Roblox-Related coding camps available in the country. Through our courses, students are learning from top Roblox game developers to provide state-of-the-art Roblox game development and training for people of all ages.

Learn from this amazing coding camp experience and game developer as you receive unparalleled one on one mentorship and guidance.

Create & Play Camps via Roblox offers students the opportunity to actively engage in the creative process and learn fundamental coding, design, and entrepreneurial skills that will give them the confidence to excel in school and beyond. 

Who should take the course?

Students aged 10-20 years of age.


An interest to learn more about Roblox development and game design.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a user-generated game sharing platform.

That sounds fancy, but think of Roblox like the YouTube of the games world!

Just as YouTube allows users to either watch videos other people made or upload videos themselves, Roblox gives players the ability to create their own games or simply
play those made by others.

Roblox is the game development platform where users can use Lua programming language to create games, maps and custom items.