Passport to Hi-Tech

Passport_To_HiTech-LogoMore than 1,200 girls ages 7-12 expected to explore STEM interests, careersMarch 5 at Passport to Hi-Tech

FISHERS, Ind. (Thursday, March 3, 2016) – Jocelyn Dunn is well on her way to becoming an astronaut, a dream she’s had since she was a young girl. At age 28, the Purdue University industrial engineering doctoral student has accomplished some impressive feats, earning a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering, a master’s degree in biomedical engineering and living eight months in a simulated Martian habitat.

In 2014, Dunn and a team of five other researchers lived in abandoned quarry about 8,000 feet above sea level in a domed structure on a volcano slope on the Big Island of Hawaii. The team was part of a NASA-funded study of human factors that affect team performance during long-term space travel, like a mission to Mars.

“We as a team went out and explored the area in full space suits as if we were the first Mars explorers,” Dunn said. “We would get tasks assigned to us from our Mission Control and explore the terrain. This was the most astronaut-like thing that we did and the most enjoyable part for me was putting on the suit and feeling all of the physical and mental challenges of exploring.”

Nearly 1,200 girls with aspirations mirroring Dunn’s when she was young can talk with female science and technology leaders and participate in hands-on, interactive activities March 5 at the third annual Passport to Hi-Tech, a partnership between Conner Prairie and Women & Hi Tech.

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Gamification: K-12 Teachers Game the System to Innovate Education

promo_gamification_470x246Guest Post by Kelsey Voss

Gamification, applying game-designed thinking to non-gaming applications, is a tool that’s grown in popularity and is creatively advancing education in the United States.

Educators see the gamification of teaching as a way to “take a more active role in learning” as students “develop the technology skills they need to succeed throughout their academic and professional careers,” according to Scientific American. Gaming needs to “leverage engagement, mindset and design,” says Maker Mom Marie Bjerede.

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Official Rules and prize information for the Young Game Developer Challenge at Indy PopCon are now online!

Official Rules and prize information for the Young Game Developer Challenge at Indy PopCon are now online!

We are getting very excited for our first ever Young Game Developer Challenge happening at Indy PopCon on June 27th! We invite all aspiring game inventors ages 6-17 to head over to the Indy PopCon site to check out the official rules and fill in an entry form before June 22nd.

We’ve got amazing prizes up for grabs from EA Games and Activision Blizzard, as well as scholarships from IUPUI andeBash summer camp. You don’t need to have a fully finished game to enter. The most important thing is having a great game IDEA. Do you have one?