By developing CODING SKILLS and tapping into imagination, we create the next generation in diversity of creators.

STEM learning through Computer Science skills and concepts should be taught to every child. We make technology education accessible, engaging, and fun for children around the world!


Women hold only 27% of all Computer Science jobs, and less than 20% of bachelors degrees in Computer Science are awarded to women, according to the National Centre for Education Statistics. This global imbalance in the technology and STEM sector needs to be addressed, so one of our ultimate goals is to help to achieve gender parity. We create the places where all young people come  to learn how to code and be creative in a fun and social environment, regardless of gender.

Diversity in Coders

We are aware that there is a lack of educational programs focused on STEM that raise awareness for females of all ages. Because of this societal issue we decided to create a girls-only track for learning. The goal behind our programming is to create a safe and fun environment where girls can learn about technology and ultimately gain confidence in their abilities with technology. At these interactive sessions, we create materials and games that appeal to girls in order to inspire them to join. We are giving girls the opportunity to suggest course materials and course direction so that they become invested and take ownership of the whole process. We will be showcasing positive female technology role models through both leading female mentors in the industry and female game industry professionals.


Young Role Models

We are developing the next generation of young role models. After our students learn how to code and realize how easy and fun it is, we encourage our students to create their own video games and websites, which are aimed at attracting other young people to do the same. In this way, our students become young leaders and role models for others, giving them the opportunity to become mentors for other students and gain additional followers and friends that share the same interests. Once our students become mentors, they can use their knowledge of coding to encourage other young girls to get involved.

Focus Group On Equality

The Video Game Palooza Foundation wants to promote a 50/50 balance in the gaming and overall technology field. To accomplish this goal we want to work with other like-minded community members and corporations around the world to send the message that TOGETHER we can make this happen. Our ultimate aim is for there to be no need in the future for targeted initiatives like specific programs for girls or women, because we will have reached an irreversible tipping point where coding, and more broadly STEM in general, is a field that has equal involvement for both girls and boys.