The number of women working in the game industry will increase substantially in the coming years because of our focus on diversity in coding and STEM learning.

Video Game Palooza will do our part to help create awareness and drive action to further this goal. By implementing our programs and working with key women who are leaders in the video game industry, we will achieve our target goal/mission together.


With our focus and support for diversity we will create and fund programs that encourage “positive representation of women within the technology and gaming industries.”

We are working with industry leaders on two core initiatives which fall into two broad categories: Acquisition of minorities and women in the game industry, and the retention of the same.

As previously stated, our diversity initiative focuses on a singular, broad goal: “The goal is to double the amount of women working in the game industry within the next 10 years.”

We will help provide tangible evidence of the initiative having an impact in the game industry that will echo throughout the coming generations as young minorities and girls see more role models in the jobs and careers they may not have associated with females before.

By bringing awareness to this program from the grass-roots level, the kids we are teaching through our fundraising and STEM programs will continue to drive awareness and success toward our goal.


Technology and online video games are helping to create change because the physical differences between people are taken out of the equation entirely. When you’re playing another person online, age, gender, disability, beliefs, skin color, or your location are factors that are not relevant. Video games can encourage diversity and equality at the same time.
Please contact us if you would like to join our cause and help us to achieve our goal. Also be sure to continue to checkout out our website – we are continually creating new programs and fundraising activities that lead to awareness and action toward our goal.