Game Design With Project Spark


Location(s): Westfield

Amenities: Snacks and Drinks Included

Cost: $269 before May 1st, $299 after May 1st


Project Spark is a unique new game maker software for both XBox One & Windows 8. It is a completely open platform that limits nothing but your imagination. It gives you the ability to make creating a game, a game in itself. Project Spark is the next evolution of Kodu which is the software usually used for our Intro to Video Game camps. However Project Spark is a huge leap beyond in it’s abilities and robustness.

Below is a playlist of videos of some of the things that Project Spark can do, enjoy:






In this camp we will show you how to build your own worlds with Project Spark, create and customize characters, give characters and objects abilities through their “Koding” brain, and create instantly playable levels.

For the parents, Project Spark provides a needed basis in technology skills. This seminar will allow them to be exposed to 3D World development, graphic design, storytelling, problem solving, and programming concepts. Project Spark is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 10 & Xbox One.

What you will learn:

– Basics of Project Spark
– How to Create Your World
– Concepts of “Koding”
– Remixing worlds to make them your own
– Making your ideas concrete

Space will be limited for this camp. Each weekly camp is $299 ($269 before May 1st) for each session. The camp will meet daily Monday – Friday from 9am – 4pm.

Project_Spark_Screen_Shot_01         camp

Kodu Ground Brush

Using the Ground Brush in Kodu

Here we continue a basic tutorial on adding ground into Kodu. We apply different materials by selecting the material and painting the ground. We have options here of just painting over existing ground, adding ground only, and removing existing ground. We also discuss using the magic brush and how to increase/decrease the brush size.

Kodu Shooting

Adding a Character and Shooting Abilities in Kodu

This is a quick tutorial to show you how easy it is to quickly get up and running in Kodu. Here we’ve adding ground to a world, adding a character (object) into the work and added different shooting abilities to the character.