World of Minecraft

Ages 6-13. For Minecraft players of all skill levels. Join the adventure that is MINECRAFT in this exciting camp that will immerse students into the game they love. Campers will play a special educational mod of the game on a secure server where they will explore a vast interactive ancient world map complete with thrilling quests and adventures. In another activity, campers must work together in survival mode to design, create, and build an entire virtual community on a volcano island. Each day will see a different set of challenges and games that will put their creativity and problem solving to the test.

Computer Creation & Coding With Kano

Ages 8 – 16. In Computer Creation & Coding with Kano students will build their own pocket size computer with the Kano (Raspberry Pi) computer kit. After the computer is created, students will go through coding exercises and build projects within their computer. At the end of the week, students will take home their computer to continue learning and building new things with their Kano computer kit. There will be a basic version for ages 8 -12 and an advanced version for ages 12 – 16!

Video Game Creation

Ages 10 – 14. This camp allows kids to learn to make your own creations in graphic design software through learning design basics.

Become A Youtuber

All ages. In partnership with Game On esports Center as our broadcast partner – we have created the first of a series of “YouTuber” classes.

Fortnite Education & Gaming Camp

Our Fortnite/esports camp is a more intense dive into higher level, popular esports games such as Fortnite. The emphasis is on perfecting skills, strategies, and communication for those looking to take their skills to the next level.

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