Ages 12 – 16. In this camp you will use Construct 2 software to create a game that can be utilized on a mobile device. This software also utilizes drag and drop programming, but with more in depth abilities. You will create your own worlds, learn to create own characters, learn to animate those characters, create objectives in their games, & deliver their games on a phone.





Construct 2 is an HTML 5 game-making tool that is a great starting point for anyone interested in making mobile games with no prior programming knowledge.  Construct 2 is a “drag and drop” game engine that allows you to import custom sprites and give them behaviors to make them do what you want them to do! The mobile game genre has blown up in the last couple of years with successful games like Angry Birds and Flappy Bird. Construct 2 is the perfect start towards  building experience required to create the next big game.

With Construct 2′s drag and drop engine, making either a platform jumper, or top down shooter is a breeze. This game engine has everything you need already built into it, while being very user friendly that users with no experience can pick up on very easily. Campers will be learning how to import sprites or create their own for the game they will be making. Using the animation editor to take the sprites they want and add animations like walking, jumping, and shooting to their creations! Campers will also be adding custom behaviors, or events, to their game. This allows them to control how the game plays and how it interacts with their sprites. Adding hit boxes to their sprites is another one of the many things they’ll be doing with Construct 2. They’ll be creating backgrounds, textures, and importing sound files that will bring their creation to life.


One of the main features of Construct 2 is students being able to test their games on multiple gaming devices. This is a crucial part of developing a game for multiple gaming platforms.  They can test their games on their web browsers and Android browsers to see how their creations perform on different devices. All of the campers will get to experiment and test out each other’s games to give them an idea of other possibilities they might not have thought of while creating their games.

With mobile gaming devices quickly becoming the most common form of gaming in the world, the knowledge and experience gained from learning  the fundamentals of Construct 2  could be useful for any other form of game development in the future.