Ages 12-16. This advanced camp deals with modern day web design and interactivity on a web page. Topics will include HTML, CSS, and building animations through Adobe Edge software. We will be creating interactive projects and potentially basic games with this software.





Adobe Edge allows it’s users to drag and drop pictures into timelines to make animations that are converted into HTML/CSS instead of flash. It’s a fancy application that helps flash animators have an easier way to develop web animations that help convert it into modern day web interactivity. Skills learned from Adobe Edge directly benefits anyone pursuing web development in the future. Campers will learn concepts that will help them understand how JavaScript and jQuery work.

Campers will be learning things like creating precision animation using the timeline editor and making their own compositions from scratch using tools the program offers to create content that works with a wide variety of devices and browsers. We will also utilize it to create simple web games.

Anyone that’s had experience with Adobe Photoshop may notice some of the similarities with Adobe Edge, and if you haven’t had any experience using Adobe Edge,  then some of the things they learn can carry over to Adobe Photoshop.